DaDa Dreams Come True Volunteer Recruitment is Now Open

Jun 11, 2018

SHANGHAI: Recently, DaDa, China's leading K12 online English education brand, has launched the "Dreams Come True" Daliang Mountains summer campaign to recruit volunteers from 8 to 12 years old across the country.

Successful candidates will travel with DaDa's staff to the Nilejue Village Elementary School based in Wagu Town, Meigu County of Sichuan Province from 4th to 6th of June. These volunteers will take this opportunity to experience the daily lives of children living in this rural area and offer some help.

The application is now open on DaDa official website, and parents can guide their children for the application.

Earlier in May this year, DaDa held the "Unique" brand upgrade event in Beijing. During the event, together with United Foundation for China's Health (UFCH), DaDa jointly launched the "to be with you" welfare program. Grace ZHI, DaDa's founder and CEO, and Roberta Lipson, founder and chairman of United Family Healthcare, and Quanling ZHANG, the famous former CCTV anchor, took this opportunity to discuss the value of this cross-field charitable program of education and social welfare.

This volunteer activity will start from the city where the students are located, first traveling to Xichang via Chengdu and then going to Nilejue Village Primary School in Wagu Township. DaDa will financially support the successful volunteer candidates for the whole trip.

Talking about the enthusiasm for public welfare activities, DaDa's CEO said: "The key role of DaDa as an online education institution is to provide the best education service and help others achieve their value. It's also what lies in our value. While doing this job well, we are also seeking ways of help in a broader dimension, and cross-border public welfare is undoubtedly a good choice for us to take our social responsibilities." (PRN)

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