You're Invited! Award-Winning Writer Launches Lolita-meets-Fatal-Attraction Crime Thriller Novel

Jun 19, 2018

PACIFICA, Calif: Multi-award winning screenwriter Allison Rose Phelan launches her highly anticipated crime thriller: Sugar Baby, A Novel.

In the vein of bestsellers like Gone Girl, Sugar Baby is a sexy crime thriller about a cheeky, charming, provocative and big-spending young lady who may or may not be a deadly serial killer.

Offering a brand new spin on the ultra-relevant concept of "predators" in our day and age, Sugar Baby, A Novel is sure to shock and amaze as it opens mouths and raises eyebrows while wildly entertaining its readers. With already over 5,700 followers on Twitter and 2,200 followers on Instagram, the novel is a hot topic. Fans are eager for its official release date to the general public on July 2nd, 2018.

Allison's entire inspiration for the book came from one real-life moment with her former partner over a year ago. Right after creating a framed, "Declaration of Love" with that man (now her best friend to whom she dedicated the book), Allison took the super-romantic circumstances of her real life and mixed them with her wild and self-proclaimed "super dramatic" imagination to create two characters, Hyde and Angelica, who, according to Allison, "had way more to say than would fit into a screenplay."

Since the thrilling story takes place in the summer at a beautiful, foggy seaside town, the launch party will occur on SUNDAY, JULY 15TH at FLOREY'S BOOK CO, right by the beach, in Pacifica, CA, from 7-9pm.

Allison has 51,000 followers worldwide. She has an MFA in screenwriting and has won 13 screenwriting awards to date. She is currently working on her next novel, a supernatural thriller, and two new screenplays: one pilot and one feature.

The first chapter of Allison's novel, Sugar Baby, begins:

"Her name was Angelica, and the most important thing for you to remember when you hear it is that the devil herself was once an angel too..."

Allison is currently booking radio, TV and magazine interviews regarding her novel. (PRN)

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