Leatherback Gear's Top 5 Back to School Safety Tips

Aug 09, 2018

COSTA MESA, Calif: Leatherback Gear, creator of the world's safest backpack, offers Top 5 "Back to School Safety Tips" for students, parents and teachers.

Founded by active-duty law enforcement professionals, Leatherback Gear designed the only backpack of its type that converts from "Backpack-to-Bulletproof Vest" within seconds, protecting both your front and your back.

"Since launching the world's safest backpack earlier this year we have participated in ongoing discussions at both state and federal legislative levels to help create active shooter preparedness solutions for schools," explains Stephen C. Bizal, Co-Founder and President of Leatherback Gear. "With no established national guidelines as of yet for active shooter preparedness policy and best practices in place for schools, we felt compelled to share personal safety tips that are easy to understand for children and can be implemented by parents and teachers."

1. Stay Connected with Your Children - Be proactive. Whether you are a parent or teacher, create a safe environment for open communication with your children. Tune into your children's activities, how they are spending their time and with whom. Discuss your concerns and do not hesitate to get help if needed.

2. Encourage "See Something, Say Something" - Empower your children. Let them know that they have a voice which will be heard. Teach your children to be proactive in dealing with real life issues beginning at a young age. Role play to give them comfort in communicating with adults, teachers and law enforcement.

3. Practice Situational Awareness - Put the screen down and be alert. Pay attention to your surroundings to maintain awareness of your environment and the people in it. Learn to identify any unusual, unacceptable, or inappropriate behavior. Trust your instinct and say something.

4. Create & Practice a Safety Plan for your Classroom - Discuss an action plan in-advance. Know where to go and the safest places to hide. Think "Protect-Run-Hide" in the event of an active shooting occurrence until professional help arrives.

5. Create & Practice a Communication Plan - Have a strategy. Know what and with whom you need to communicate in the event of an active shooter emergency. Decide on a meeting point with your children in case of a school evacuation or campus threat.

Be Ready, Be Safe!

For more information visit: www.leatherbackgear.com (PRN)

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