California Olive Ranch Marks 20 Years with Largest Olive Tree Planting in State

Aug 23, 2018

CHICO, Calif: California Olive Ranch, the pioneers of premium and affordable extra virgin olive oil, celebrates their 20th anniversary with an announcement of the largest olive tree planting in California and the U.S. to date.

Just this year alone, the brand will have planted 2,200 acres, bringing the number of total acreage in California to 3,200 since 2016. These new olive tree plantings, secured through purchases, plantings, and grower partnerships, are in the Yolo, Fresno, Butte and Merced Counties and most recently, Kings County - all excellent locations proven for growing great tasting, high quality olive oil.

The company believes that continuing its investment in the Golden State is a necessary step in meeting the needs of a growing consumer base for high quality and affordable extra virgin olive oil. After receiving the largest equity investment fund ever received within the domestic extra virgin olive oil industry, California Olive Ranch is set out to do just that. Their investment and subsequent plantings are not only contributing to the company's growth, but the entire future of the U.S. olive oil industry. These new plantings create more jobs in the harvesting, production and administrative divisions of the business, as well as expand the milling infrastructure throughout California.

"These new plantings come at a crucial time for the industry as a whole. As years progress, we are seeing an upward trend in consumer demand. By increasing our level of production, we are more easily able to meet that need," says CEO Gregg Kelley. "When we first decided to break into an industry dominated by the international market, everyone thought we were absolutely insane. Twenty years later, we're the #4 olive oil brand in the U.S. and we're growing faster than we could have ever expected."

To learn more about California Olive Ranch, where to buy California Olive Ranch products, and all things extra virgin olive oil, visit (PRN)

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