Entrepreneurs Race To Enter Priceless Market with AP LAZER

Sep 28, 2018

LANSING, Mich: Through its diversified user group of entrepreneurs, mostly comprised of small business owners, AP LAZER, a patented laser machine inventor, and distributor has discovered what is now being referred to as, the priceless market.

Nike profits more from inspiration than shoes, Harley Davidson sells dreams. Coca-Cola is for happiness and optimism. Starbucks is targeting the social spirit. Every top brand is aiming at this intangible priceless element, AP LAZER officials explained. There are massive profit opportunities for businesses when they can attach intangible priceless elements to their products or services.

Until now, the priceless market came with a hurdle. Infusing things money can't buy into priced commodities and services is expensive, and regularly out of reach for small business owners.

For Nike to capture the inspirational market, millions of dollars are spent to hire star athletes. The priceless market has an extremely high entrance barrier for small businesses, AP LAZER officials continued.

Patented AP LAZER wanted to give these small businesses a leg up, and entered the market with an open architecture. That means that with no size or weight limitations, AP LAZER can completely transform the surface of a product whether it is the size of a small ring or as massive as a 4000 lb cemetery monument. Small businesses are then able to engrave inspirational messages, dreams, sentiments of love, memories, humor, authentic expressions of creativity, all of the things that create a lasting impact.

The AP LAZER laser machine is a low-cost door for the priceless market, but it also has a broader reach in allowing retailers to capture all priceless aspects in life, while other avenues are limited.

For example, while an AP LAZER owner can engrave inspiration in a dollar store beer mug, then resell it at $39.99 for a set of four mugs, he could also engrave memory for a birthday or a message of love for a wedding on the same mug, AP LAZER officials explained.

Today entrepreneurs who own AP LAZER are racing to explore the priceless market in a wide range of industries, from furniture, doors and windows, home decor, outdoor living, floors and walls, pet and even cemetery monuments and caskets. AP LAZER can capture all priceless elements throughout an entire lifetime. (PRN)

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