OVER-SIXTY: SHADES OF GRAY -- A Journey Through Life's Later Years (On The Road To Fossilization)

Oct 01, 2018

WESTBURY, N.Y: This "guide", which is being released September 25, combines narrative essays, humorous cartoons and famous sayings into an entertaining look at the journey people take during life's later years.

It's just what we need when it comes to dealing with the unexpected changes foisted upon us by Mother Nature and Father Time. And let's face it, nearly 60-million people in the U.S. are now over sixty. That's a lot of gray hair and bad teeth. It's time for the older generation to band together in their embarrassment and let it all hang out together.

"This book is funny, insightful, informational, wise and did I say funny?
—Henry Winkler, actor, author, producer

"Paskoff and Pack expose the dirty little secrets of aging and help us laugh about them."
—Vin Di Bona, Creator, America's Funniest Videos

"Many seniors will find this a must-read." —Kirkus Reviews

"Many people, gifted and intelligent, have written about facing old age with equanimity, but few have the wisdom, the hilarity, and the grace that comes across
Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray." —Readers' Favorite

"This a straight-forward, positive, go-to-guide that offers pre-planning and foresight on entering and living through our later years of life that will become a great resource for reference." —Manhattan Book Review

Barbara Paskoff and Carol Pack met decades ago in a television newsroom on Long Island, New York. They feed off each other's humor and have a writing style that allows the funny to bubble up. Like a fart.

Title: Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray

Authors: Barbara Paskoff & Carol Pack

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-970028-02-7

E-Book ISBN: 978-1-970028-01-1

Contact email: [email protected]

Contact phone: (516) 384-1024

Publisher: Artiqua Press

Contact: [email protected]

As far as the over-sixty segment of the population is concerned, "We're all in the embarrassed-to-death stage, so get over it! It's time for everyone past a certain age to be embarrassed together. Don't worry about relinquishing your individuality. We have a lot in common, but as our self-help book on aging shows, there are still many shades of gray we can embrace." (PRN)

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