How Do You See The World? Authentic Agility Games Inspires Us To Listen, Engage And Create Deeper Connections

Oct 04, 2018

HOUSTON: HOW DO YOU SEE THE WORLD? While this is not only an increasingly important question to be asked in our ever changing world, it's also a phrase sure to be on the minds of millions of consumers as How Do You See the World?, a new one-of-a-kind card game from Authentic Agility Games officially launches today on

Developed by a Houston based entrepreneur and business leader, How Do You See the World? is a new type of game in that it's both thought provoking and playful while encouraging people to listen to one another without judgment.

Creator Cathy Cranberg says that she developed the game to stimulate thoughtful conversations about a range of important topics: personal relationships, reflections, aspirations, life's purpose and beliefs. How Do You See the World? from Authentic Agility Games is available beginning today on for $24.99.

"In a world that's so divided with increasing dissension and disagreement, it's time we start really listening to one other," says Cranberg. "By truly listening, we can develop a better understanding of someone's point of view, and hopefully learn to empathize instead of judge, regardless of whether we agree. How Do You See The World? is meant to encourage real authenticity among our beautifully diverse and greatly divided world, and do so in a playful, fun and engaging manner,' she adds.

Until now, there hasn't been a product available that really challenges people's perspectives in an inclusive and engaging way. How Do You See the World? encourages people to go beyond their comfort zone while truly hearing and understanding how others view the world through important question asking. The essence of this game is that every interaction is an opportunity.

Cranberg says she originally developed the idea for this game to draw loved ones off their phones and encourage quality time together, but to her delight it quickly evolved into something much greater than that. "At the heart of the mission of How Do You See the World?," she contends, "is the underpinning of a movement really, one that speaks not only to those we know, but those we wish to know better. This is designed to be played around the dinner table with family and friends, relaxing with longtime companions, getting to know your newest neighbor or even as an icebreaker. It's so important to disconnect to truly connect."

How Do You See the World? asks questions such as:

Describe an experience that left you speechless with joy.
How much money is enough?
How has your gender impacted your life?
What do you know for sure?
How do you celebrate life?

It's simple to play as each participant rolls the dice and then selects the category in which you are asked to answer a related question. There are more than 500 questions included that are written so anyone can answer, drawing at times surprising and unique answers. Cranberg notes that How Do You See the World? isn't about winning or losing, but rather about encouraging players to engage, interact and have authentic conversations. "It makes us think about what's important to us individually and does so in a way that's fun and memorable."

How Do You See the World? is the first title in the series of upcoming card games targeting a variety of consumer audiences and topics, many of which will be introduced in 2019. Importantly, Cranberg will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales to support educational and entrepreneurial organizations that are working to change the world in a meaningful way.

Whether you want to have deeper conversations in your social circles or really want to connect with your family or colleagues, How Do You See the World? will spark the conversation and is an ideal gift for a friend, spouse, loved one or co-worker. (PRN)

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