Award- Winning Architectural Projects Use Lehigh White Cement

Oct 21, 2018

ALLENTOWN, Pa: Architects and structural designers have been greatly empowered by structural analysis software, computer-aided design and building information modeling tools to create exciting architectural concrete systems that are complex, beautiful and intended to impress.

By merging art with engineering, these creative experts are racking up an impressive number of awards for design. As a result of this recognition, the concrete producers charged with making these beautiful creations a reality are rightly being recognized for their superior craftsmanship and quality project delivery. In the same way, the materials involved are being noticed. Because it is exceptionally consistent and provides great performance, Lehigh White Cement is the key ingredient used to make the highly technical, aesthetically pleasing concrete demanded by concrete contractors constructing these award- winning structures.

These outstanding projects demonstrate the versatility of architectural concrete and masonry while highlighting new and innovative ways to blend form and function. In many cases the structures' design is so stunning in complexity and striking in delivery, it is capturing the public's attention while disrupting the architecture and engineering communities; because of their notoriety, some of the artisan designers behind these projects are reaching celebrity status.

A common thread among many of these celebrity architects is sharp attention to material selection and keen understanding of the fundamental role the materials play in determining a project's character and scope. This is where the versatility of White Portland Cement concrete shines. In 2018 alone, over two-dozen projects utilizing Lehigh White Cements were recognized for their creativity, receiving Awards for Excellence, Craftsmanship, Design, Aesthetic Appeal and Innovation.

Stunning examples of recent projects attracting attention include the 1200 Intrepid project in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, The Broad Museum in Los Angeles, the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in Natchitoches, LA and the 432 Park Ave luxury apartments in New York City.

While Hollywood celebrates best dramatic performances and the ability to put on a great show, the architectural and building construction communities are quietly applauding resilient, sustainable building designs taking shape in beautiful concrete. (PRN)

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