Kate Farms Launches Nutrition Shakes, Making Plant-Based Eating Easier Than Ever

Kate Farms Launches Nutrition Shakes, Making Plant-Based Eating Easier Than Ever

SANTA BARBARA, Calif: Kate Farms®, the #1 prescribed plant-based nutrition used by healthcare professionals to treat chronic illness, is now available for everyone.

Kate Farms launches the new Kate Farms Nutrition Shake, an organic, plant-based meal replacement shake available in three great-tasting flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

Increasingly consumers are exploring and enjoying the benefits of plant-based nutrition, searching for products that make it easier to fuel their bodies with clean, energy-boosting nutrition and finding ways to add more plants to their diets. Kate Farms Nutrition Shake is a delicious, nutrient-rich shake that is a convenient way to increase plant-based foods in the diet and enjoy the benefits of the many vitamins and nutrients without sacrificing taste.

“We have pioneered plant-based nutrition in the medical setting where clinicians prescribe our formulas to patients who are at nutritional risk, fighting chronic diseases such as autoimmune issues, digestive problems, allergies, cancer and malnutrition,” said Kate Farms Chairman and CEO Brett Matthews. “Now, Kate Farms’ clinically-proven nutrition helps everyone lead a healthier lifestyle and meet their individual needs and situations, medical or not.”

Like all Kate Farms products, Nutrition Shakes are free of dairy, soy, gluten, corn, and artificial ingredients making it suitable for dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-based, and vegan diets. Made from organic USDA, non-GMO ingredients, Nutrition Shake is a balanced, protein- and nutrient-rich meal, providing a third of an adult’s daily key nutrients in only 330 calories, without sacrificing nutrition or taste. Whether looking for a healthy meal or snack for the family, kids at college or loved ones, Kate Farms Nutrition Shakes are the ideal choice.

Kate Farms was founded on the value of bringing nutrition to those most at risk thanks to loving parents who were determined to save their daughter Kate, who was born with cerebral palsy. Today, Kate is thriving and for years, Kate Farms served their medical nutrition formulas to support a variety of medical conditions by providing clinically proven nutrition to help them receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

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