Novolex Unveils New Kinds of Trash Can Liners Made with Recycled Content

Novolex Unveils New Kinds of Trash Can Liners Made with Recycled Content

ROANOKE, Texas: Heritage Bag™, a Novolex® brand, today announced the introduction of new sizes and types of Eco Blend® Max trash can liners made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

The new Eco Blend Max liners are strong and convenient to use and come in a range of Right-Sizing dimensions designed to fit the most common cans. By correctly fitting trash cans, the liners use less material, reducing costs, lessening the impact on the environment and saving time placing liners in cans.

“Eco Blend Max liners save money by using fewer resources and save time by being incredibly easy to use,” said Tony Scibilia, Senior Vice President of Sales for Heritage Bag. “They are an outstanding option for our customers seeking a high-quality alternative with less impact on the environment.”

The new types come in thinner gauges and are manufactured from a blend consisting of a minimum of 30% PCR resin. Other types of Eco Blend Max liners come in thicker gauges.

Eco Blend Max can liners have received SCS Global Services Recycled Content certification, which independently confirms specific percentages of recycled content from pre-consumer and post-consumer sources.

Eco Blend Max can liners surpass the requirements in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program and meet the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG). Those qualify Eco Blend Max liners for use in LEED-certified buildings and federal government facilities.

Eco Blend Max liners are now offered in more than 30 different types, with a variety of sizes, shapes, gauges and colors from which to choose. To learn more about these liners and other innovative products from Novolex, visit

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