Delta One Brings the Jelly, No Napkin Required

Delta One Brings the Jelly, No Napkin Required

NEW YORK: Delta One, LLC today announced the release of Delta One version 2.0, the first major release since its initial launch in 2019. Version 2.0 includes the implementation of multi leg reversal and conversion orders, affectionately referred to as “Jelly Rolls” by options traders.

Delta One is a peer to peer stock lending and balance sheet management platform that uses options to pair off participants. The platform is available exclusively for Dynamex Trading customers with detailed information about Delta One currently available at

“We have been getting very good feedback from our users since beta testing first began at the beginning of 2018,” said Brandon Neer, Managing Partner of Delta One, LLC. “The use case of matching lenders and borrowers using a single strike and expiration combination has been gaining momentum, but the inability to roll exposure to other strikes and expirations has been noticeable. The addition of Jelly Rolls completes the life cycle of typical stock lending transactions using listed options.”

“Having the ability to roll contracts allows us to keep users in the system throughout the month,” said Harris Bock, CEO at Dynamex Trading and co-founder of Delta One, LLC. “Without Jelly Rolls in the system, users had been forced to use more traditional, less efficient means to deal with expiring contracts up until now. With the implementation of multi leg orders, Delta One can manage the entire lending cycle from start to finish.”

“Workflows for traders have been greatly improved by using Delta One to help manage options trading for stock borrow and balance sheet management transactions,” said Jason Lefkowitz, co-founder of Delta One, LLC. “Version 2.0 of the Delta One platform helps bring this one step farther. Users can see all their single and multi-leg transactions in an intuitive, easy to understand interface. Feedback from our clients has been very positive and we continue to see growth and expansion in our platform.”

Delta One, LLC was founded as one of the first options brokerage platforms to focus on equity options as they pertain to the equity finance marketplace. Dynamex Trading is a leading provider of options brokerage services catering to stock loan market participants. The company has helped its customers trade options around stock borrow positions since 2009 and is the exclusive provider of the Delta One platform. Delta One is a registered trademark of Delta One, LLC. Dynamex Trading and Execution is a registered trademark of Dynamex Trading, LLC.

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