Nationwide Social Upheaval: Author lived it 50+ years ago

Nationwide Social Upheaval: Author lived it 50+ years ago

SEATTLE: Stephen H. Goewey’s new novel, All the King’s Horses, explores the lives of several young people, 19 to 29, during one of the most tumultuous times in American history. Every aspect of society was being scrutinized and challenged. Revolution was openly discussed in public places, books and song. The war in Vietnam and the struggle at home was broadcast into American living rooms every day.

“For the last two decades, American politics has been like a drunk driver on a country road, raising a huge cloud of dust and barely staying between the ditches.”

“As crazy and as dangerous as things are in this country now, things were worse back then. Believe it or not, we’ve made a lot of progress.”

American society was extremely factionalized and it seemed like every week brought news of people murdered over race, religion or politics: Church bombings, assassinations of leaders, the FBI trying to discredit or imprison those who did not align with the conservative main stream. Racial injustice was rampant. Our soldiers shot down our children.

“I had family and friends in Vietnam and we were trying to make life-altering decisions in the midst of charged slogans, tension and chaos.”

The setting of this historical novel, All the King’s Horses, is an important time in our history; one that needs to be remembered and learned from. The young people of today will find this novel illuminating. Radical groups like the KKK will hate this book. It’s the story of young people from different backgrounds, gathered by circumstance, attempting to work together to create something meaningful in a climate devoid of sense. Theirs is a tiny speck in the heart of America; a fortress of stubborn hope in a desert of distrust.

“The industrial-military coitus was more powerful than the three branches of our government.”

It was a time when our political representatives were driven by the fear of communism and the might of hawkish generals and CIA spooks. It was a time when Nixon was evacuated from the White House for his own safety. These stories have to be told and this history needs to be talked about.

Excerpts from online reviews:

“The way this novel depicts that time is captivating… it’s calls to music, war, domestic turbulence, and community really took me there and kept me turning the pages… the characters really got me invested, each struggling with personal issues, ultimately trying to find their place in a country that seemed on the precipice.” S.A.G.

“I was astonished by how relevant the stories were to today’s major events… History truly does repeat itself. Now is the perfect time to read this book.” A.M. DDS.

All the King’s Horses can be found at many online booksellers.

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